Lake Sherwood Acres Subdivision

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LSCA (Club) Website

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Welcome Committee Documents

  1. Welcome Committee Cover Letter
  1. Welcome Letter from the SLA President
  2. Letter from the Vice President and Sample HOA Invoice
  1. Letter from The LSA Council Chairman
  2. Board of Directors Contact Info
  3. Sherwood Lake Association Board of Directors and Committee Assignments
  4. Map of Lake Sherwood Acres
  5. Resident Directory Permission/Info
  6. Lake Sherwood Garden Club
  7. Security Request
  8. Rules for use of Lake Sherwood Lake
  9. Summary of Restrictions and Covenants
  10. Extract from the Restrictions and Protective Covenants
  11. Peaceful Coexistence
  12. History of Assessments 1973-2018
  13. Recent Financial Reports are available on the secured portion of the website
  14. Restrictions and Protective Covenants of Lake Sherwood Acres–Revised June 2005
  15. Frequently  Asked Questions
  16. Council_Permit_Application_Form
  17. Decal use on autos
  18. Lake Sherwood Club Board of Directors Info