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Sherwood Lake Association Inc

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Baton Rouge, LA  70879-7185

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Sherwood Lake Association

2022 Board of Directors
(click for .pdf file)


Doug Pacas


Don Frattini                                       


Jennifer St. Cyr


Shannon Long


Mike Hayes

Jim Cazes

Samantha Montoya

Kaycee  Kersch

LaNelle Johnson

**please note that we are no longer

putting private cell numbers and emails

on the website. Please click the pdf link

above too find them

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The Sherwood Lake Association, the Homeowner’s Association for Lake Sherwood Acres subdivision, elected the 2022 Board of Directors at the Annual meeting held in January.

Standing: LaNelle Johnson; Jim Cazes; Mike Hayes

Sitting: Doug Pacas-President; Jennifer St. Cyr -Secretary; Don Frattini-Vice President; Shannon Long-Treasurer; Missing from the photo are: Samantha Montoya and Kaycee Kersch

Photo Provided by:

Don Frattini