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2021 Lake Sherwood Club work Day

Stella Patout, David Patout, Alexis Budyach, Hayley Budyach, Mike Montoya,, Samantha Montoya, Maya Montoya, Jennifer Klueh, Sarabeth Klueh-Mundy, Jim Cazes, Mike Hays, Doug Pacas, Loyce Smith, Larry Peacock, and Reed Mundy

The LSCA clubhouse maintenance day was a huge success! We had a total of 15 volunteers. I want to thank all of you for coming out and helping!

The crew did a wonderful job getting the clubhouse ready for the season opener including landscaping, painting, tree trimming, cleaning, grounds trash removal, and general maintenance. There is still more to be done before the pool opens, but this is a great start!

Items that will be addressed in the near future are, cleaning of the pool area, cleaning of the tennis courts, cleaning and pruning the poolside flower beds. Please contact Reed Mundy at if you are interested in helping in any of these areas.