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Pool Rules

Lake Sherwood Club Pool Rules exist for the safety of all swimmers, and for the protection of our club facilities. We strive to ensure an enjoyable experience for all who use the Lake Sherwood Club and its facilities. Failure to abide by the rules will result in suspension of pool privileges. Repeatedly disregarding the rules in a particular day can result in expulsion for the day.  A pattern of repeated rule violations, over a period of time, may ultimately result in revocation of club membership, at the  discretion of the Lake Sherwood Club Association Board of Directors.


1.  Lifeguards have complete authority to enforce all rules and regulations of the pool, including anything affecting safety, sanitation, behavior, and protection of club facilities.

2.  The Lake Sherwood Club provides a minimum of two certified lifeguards during all hours that the pool is open. If two certified lifeguards are not available for any reason, the club reserves the right to close the pool.

3.  Lifeguards are not allowed to engage in unnecessary conversation with swimmers or guests at any time while on the stand. Please direct questions not related to immediate safety to the lifeguard that is not on the stand.

4.  Lake Sherwood Club follows Red Cross recommendations regarding inclement weather: Lifeguards are required to remove all swimmers from the pool at the first sign of thunder or lightning, no exceptions. The pool is cleared for 30 minutes following the last sign of thunder or lightning, no exceptions. The pool may be cleared at lifeguard’s discretion in heavy rain.

5.  If weather is inclement prior to opening time, the pool will not be opened. The pool may be opened if weather improves. If the weather becomes inclement during the day, it may be closed. All weather closures and openings are at the full discretion of the pool manager and LSCA Board of Directors, who use actual conditions and national weather channel predictions as a guide for closure determinations.

6.  Children under age 6 and under must be accompanied by someone over the age of 14. Children between the ages of 7 and 12 must be accompanied by someone over the age of 14, or must pass a swimming test administered by the lifeguards. If lifeguards deem anyone is not a strong enough swimmer to maneuver safely in the deep end, they may request a swimmer remain in shallow parts of pool.

7.  Parents or guardians dropping off children must leave a contact number with the lifeguards, to be used in case of incident or pool closure due to inclement weather.

8.  No glass or breakable containers allowed in the pool area.

9.  No running or rough play allowed in the pool area, clubhouse or bathrooms. Failure to respond to lifeguard requests to calm down could result in a 15 minute time out. Repeated rowdy behavior could cause expulsion from the pool for the day, at the discretion of the senior guard on staff or the pool manager.

10. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time. Diving is only allowed straight off the end of the board, not to the side. Divers must wait until after the previous diver has fully cleared the water before diving. Only one bounce allowed.

11.  No spitting or spouting of water.

12.  The use of pool  toys, balls, or any pool accessory will be at the discretion of the lifeguard in charge. No snorkels allowed.

13.  All injuries and accidents must be reported to the lifeguard.

14.  Parents assume full responsibility for any accident involving their child while using club facilities. Parents may be required to sign an accident report at the discretion of the lifeguard or pool manager.

Wading/Baby Pool:

1.  Babies and toddlers must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

2.  Parents are responsible for the supervision and safety of children in the wading/baby pool at all times.

3.  No diving or jumping into the wading/baby pool.

4.  Babies and toddlers not potty trained, or under age two, must wear swim diapers. Swim diapers are available for purchase from the lifeguard. Accidents cause the pool to be closed.

5.  Safety rules for the main pool also govern the wading/baby pool.

Club Facilities:

1.  The club is not responsible for the loss of money or valuables.

2.  Gum and band aids are not allowed in the pool; they can damage the pool filtering system.

3.  Babies under age two must wear swim diapers. These are available for purchase from the lifeguard. Accidents cause the pool to be closed.

4.  No bikes or vehicles with wheels allowed in the pool area.

5.  No dogs or pets allowed in the pool area.

6.  Trash receptacles are provided in all areas of the club and pool. Members are responsible for removal of trash and food remains. Please help us combat ants by properly disposing of  food remains and cleaning spills from the pool deck in a timely manner.

7.  Any member who causes damage to club facilities shall be responsible for immediate payment of the cost of all damages. Failure to pay for all damages will result in suspension or revocation of membership privileges, at the discretion of Lake Sherwood Club Board of Directors.

Member and Guest Registration:

1.  All members and guests must sign in and out at the desk.

2.  Guests are welcome, but must be accompanied by a club member. A guest fee of $5 per person is required upon entry into the pool. LSC members must sign in their guests. The $5 a person fee is due to the guard on duty upon entry.

3.  Children and grandchildren of Lake Sherwood Acres homeowners, in good standing, are members of the club and may swim and attend club sponsored events without charge. They may also reserve gazebos and rent the clubhouse provided they follow stated rules and procedures.

4.  Caretakers of club members are admitted without charge while they are caring for LSC members.

5.  Members are allowed a maximum of 10 guests per day, unless a gazebo party or clubhouse party has been scheduled in advance, with the pool manager or rental chairman.

Gazebo Parties:

1.  Two poolside gazebos are available for small parties by reservation only. Reservations must be scheduled in advance with the pool manager or designated staff. See website for specifics information, forms and designated coordinator.

2.  Members can reserve a gazebo for $90 per 2 hour increments. This will include 1 lifeguard staff for the 1st 25 participants. For parties greater than 25 it is suggested that the renter pay for an additional guard. There will be no additional guest fee for non-members at a gazebo party.

3.  Parties are at 2 hour increments only.

4.  Gazebo parties can only be scheduled to be held during regular pool hours.

The following behaviors will not be tolerated and may result in suspension of pool privileges or expulsion from club grounds:

1. Profanity or vulgar body language from any age member or guest.

2. Disobedience of lifeguard instructions. This includes individuals whose native language is not English; therefore, at least one speaker of English must be present to interpret instructions, or these swimmers and patrons may be required to exit the property.

3. Inappropriate use of the bathrooms.

4. Inappropriate commentary or rudeness to the lifeguards.

5. Drunk or disorderly conduct.

6. Fighting or intentional harming of another person.

7. Failure to wear appropriate swim attire in the pool or pool area.

8. Playing music with inappropriate lyrics, or failure to lower the volume of music, if asked by a lifeguard or pool staff.

9. Failure to obey any of the Lake Sherwood Club rules may result in suspension of pool privileges or expulsion from club grounds.

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