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If you have any questions and cannot locate the correct email or phone number via this site, email :

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The Lake Sherwood Club and pool is implementing a new electronic member sign-in system. Each family contact (1) for both resident members, and out-of-neighborhood members, should have received an email, with the link below. Each family is asked to input the names and birthdates of all family members on your membership (household members, children, and grandchildren and one optional one caretaker). If you are unable to set your family up prior to attending the pool, our lifeguard staff will help get your family’s information into the system. Our new system will generate better information about pool usage and will distinguish guests from members easily. You can easily sign in to this account to check what is going on at the club, such as parties, special activities, or closures. You can customize your Lake Sherwood Club account by setting  your account to send you notifications when new announcements are posted, or set it to not email you.  

Pool Check-in and Check-out Procedure:

When you attend the pool (or a sponsored event), simply input the family contact's last name.  A list of all family members you entered under your LSCA Membership will appear.  Select which family members are attending.  When you leave, just tell the guard at the gate and they will check you out, so that we have a running count of attendees.  Once everybody gets their family registered with the system, it will be really easy to use. We ask for your patience as we transition to the new electronic member sign-in system.

The Lake Sherwood Club

**Please Note:  We are no longer renting the clubhouse to non-members.**

If you want to rent our clubhouse, all initial contacts will be made via email. This is what you need to do:

 1.  Check out our details already on the website. Most of your questions can be answered with a few clicks!

a.      Rental Facts and FAQ’s

b.      Rental Rates

c.      Rental Rules and Checklist

d.      Detailed photos of all our spaces

e.      Rental Calendar for availability of your date.

2.   If you just want to inquire about a date, or get a price, or need other info:

a.      Email the Rental Info & Request form via its link or send an email to, and be sure and include the following information:

i. Your Name

ii. Date and time of your event.

iii. Number of people

iv. Are you a member of the club? Are you a homeowner.

v. Any questions or details you may have

3.   If you have rented before and you know what you want, the quickest way to reserve your date is to:

a.      Download the Rental Request and Agreement form

b.      Fill it out and sign it

c.      Scan and return it to

d.      Pay your deposit to hold the date.  


All inquiries will be answered in a timely manner. Due to volume, we are no longer handling initial inquiries via phone. Thanks for your cooperation.

The Annual Meeting of the Sherwood Lake Association is

Tuesday January 22

@ 6:30 p.m.

At the Lake Sherwood Clubhouse.

The election for our 2019 Board of Directors will be finalized on Jan. 22. This year we have several last minute write-in nominations that did not appear on the ballot that was published. Please vote for two of the following write-in nominees:

Mike Montoya

Ken DeCook

Clee Lowe

Pat Brown

Judy McMillian

The LSCA Board of Directors invited nominees to meet with us and to submit biographies for your consideration. Two of the five write-in nominees responded and sent a brief biographical sketch. Please consider writing in the name of two of these candidates on your ballot and voting for them prior to or at the SLA Annual Meeting Tues. January 22.

If you have already submitted your ballot and wish to amend it to vote for one of these nominees, please email Don Frattini expressing your wishes.

Kenneth DeCook has been a Head College Coach and Administrator for the last twenty-five years.  He has extensive experience in unusual and innovative recruitment and organization methods. His recent activities include implementing innovative ways of recruiting student athletes resulting in the largest recruiting class in the school’s history. In addition to this his game strategy has resulted in a winning percentage of .678 and being named coach of the year.  

During his tenure at Colorado Northwestern College Ken supervised game management for the entire athletic department. This included implementing more efficient ways to handle crowd control, student workers, and fiscal management.

For several years Ken also was a consultant or President of various Catholic schools throughout the nation. Here he lead several initiatives that included the development of the Protection of God’s Children, refinement of organizational levels, and fundraising (over $500,000 in total) which stabilized the schools.   

Ken has been a frequent speaker at school and corporate functions and served on the Marion County Council.  He lives in the Lake Sherwood Acres neighborhood of Baton Rouge, LA,  and is  interested in his grandchildren, antiques, and the New York Yankees.

Mike Montoya moved to Lake Sherwood Acres in September, 2017.  He lives with his wife, Samantha and daughter, Maya.  

Mike graduated from LSU in 2005 with a degree in Civil Engineering.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer and business owner.  

In his spare time, Mike enjoys cooking and woodworking and is also the captain of a Spanish Town Mardi Gras Krewe.