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Open to all swimmers ages 4 thru 18

(Must be able to at least doggie paddle/swim ½ the length of the pool)

**Children must be members of the club to swim for the Lakers, as per league rules**  





Swim Team

 2018 Morning Practice Begins in June (exact date TBA)

8:00 - 8:45  White Team (Younger Kids)

8:45 - 9:30  Blue Team (Younger kids)

9:30 - 10:30 Black Team (Older kids)

The Lakers are a summer recreational swim club for swimmers ages 4-18. Our priority is to provide safe and fun opportunities for swimmers to develop water skills and participate in friendly competitions with other summer recreational swim teams.  We strive to produce strong swimmers who love the water.  The Lake Sherwood Team has been a springboard over the years for a number of more serious swimmers. We are proud of that tradition.

Lake Sherwood Club is looking for local business owners to sponsor our Lakers Swim Team. We will put your company name and logo on our Team T-shirts for a donation of $250.

This expense can be deducted from your business taxes as an advertising expense. Consult your CPA for details.

If you are a business owner or know of one who will help sponsor our swim team contact Latefy@lakesherwoodclub.com

Swim Team Application Form

Swim Team Practice Begins May 7th!!

4:30 - 6 pm

Mon - Th

All meets will be in the month of June except

the City Meet.

All meets will be on Saturday.