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Swim Lessons 2024

Swim Lessons at LSCA…


Swim lessons at LSCA are offered to people of all ages and skillsets, from babies to adults. If you are a member of Lake Sherwood Acres, swim lessons are $150. If you are not a member, swim lessons are $200. This money is paid through the link at the end of this form. This includes 2 hours of instruction. For babies and young toddlers, this will likely be split into eight 15-minute lessons, for kids this will be four 30-minute lessons, and for older teens and adults this will be two 1-hour lessons. This is to not overwork the kids, especially those with short attention spans.

These lessons can be for any age group and skill level.

- For babies and very young toddlers (ages 9mo-3), the lesson will be mostly getting them comfortable in the water. This includes getting their face wet, kicking their feet, being comfortable on their back, and pulling themselves out of the pool. We do not cover ISR training, but your child will be safer and feel more comfortable in the water at the end of their lessons with us.

- For toddlers and children with no experience (around ages 4-9), the lesson will be teaching them the basics of swimming. This includes learning the basics of proper swimming technique, floating on their back, being comfortable in deeper water, and how to get to the side and climb out of a pool in emergency situations.

- For children with experience (ages 7-15), the lesson will focus on proper technique, safety, and efficiency in the water. If highly skilled, we also are able to teach the children different swim strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) and how to dive properly.

- For children on swim team (or looking to join), we work on perfecting technique, diving abilities, breathing, flip turns, and speed. This can be a great addition in aiding your swimmer to better their time and ability on a swim team. We focus on the specific strokes your child does and how to better them.

- For older teens and adults (ages 16-adult), the lesson will focus on the goals of the individual. We are able to teach any skill level, whether it covers learning how to swim for the first time, overcoming fear of the water, or perfecting stroke. xnPfqs-BQk1ERwqw/viewform