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Upcoming Activities

Wine Tasting Social – late winter, usually during Mardi Gras season – Adults bring a bottle of wine to share. Taste wines & rate each. Prizes given for best & worst wines!

Pool Closing Party – Mid-August (a weekend day) – Family poolside event, just before pool closing for the summer. Food & children activities provided.

Trick or Treat Stop Over – Halloween night during Trick or Treat hours. Drinks & refreshments provided for kids and parents. Activities in clubhouse for younger children. Backdrops for photo ops for families & older kids.

Fall Fiesta – usually in November – Adult night event in clubhouse. Includes full Mexican themed dinner with frozen margaritas on the house!

Holiday Cookie Exchange – In November or December. Ladies get together to share cookies to bring home. Care trays made for charity.

2017 Scheduled Sponsored Events

February 24     8 - 10 pm     *Wine Tasting

April 9               2 - 4 pm        Club Open House

April 15            10 - 11am      Easter Egg Hunt

May 14             3 - 5 am         Mother’s Day Ice Cream Social

May 27             2 - 4 pm          Pool Opening Party

June 15            7 - 10pm         Night Swim 1

July 20              7 - 10pm        Night Swim 2

Sept 2               2 - 4 pm         Pool Closing Party

October 31       5 - 8:30          Trick-or-Treat Stopover

November 11   7 - 10pm       *Fiesta Dinner (Adults Only)

*Adult Only Events

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Friday Fun Days

There will be fun family-centered activities going on all day on Fridays this summer. It will start with special activities for swim team in the mornings. Late afternoon our extraordinary lifeguard staff will supervise a variety of games, activities and inflatables. Then we invite families to come together after a long week and eat from 5 -7pm at the pool. Some Fridays there will be a food truck, others we will cook and sell hamburgers, or you are encouraged to download the Waiter Ap and have your favorite restaurant deliver to the pool. We are searching for student or volunteer musicians who might want to entertain for us on occasion from 5 – 7 pm.  Please make a point to come by the pool on Fridays whenever you are able. Each Fun Friday will be a little different, but they will all be fun and family-friendly.

 Special Activities for Swim Team

  Snowballs, ice cream, popsicles

4pm – 5pm  - Games for kids,        inflatables  

5pm – 7pm Family Dinner at the Pool!

o Food trucks

o Hamburgers

o Waiter delivery from a favorite restaurant

o Family picnic – bring food from home