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Non-Resident Membership Options How to Pay


_____SWIM TEAM ONLY MEMBERSHIP @ $85 PER CHILD (For children who will be on the swim team only, and will not have family privileges to the swim club. This is not the swim team fee. Those fees should be sent under separate check to the swim team coach along with a Swim Team application. See website.)


It Must be mailed to the Club Membership Chairman


Lake Sherwood Club Membership Definitions

A. Resident Member       

Each lot owner (and spouse and their children actually residing on the lot) in Lake Sherwood Acres Subdivision, who is not delinquent in payment of dues to the Sherwood Lake Association, is a member of the Lake Sherwood Club.  Resident members shall pay annual dues in an amount as provided in accordance with the Articles and By-laws of the Sherwood Lake Association and Lake Sherwood Club Association. 

B. Outside Member       

Non-resident members are allowed on a yearly basis at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Lake Sherwood Club.  Outside members are not entitled to vote.  There are two types of outside memberships. 

1. Family Membership (Father, Mother, and children residing in the household).  Includes use of the pool, clubhouse, and tennis facilities from the date of pool opening to the following April 30th. Subject to all Lake Sherwood Club rules and regulations.  Annual dues in the amount of $350.00 are due prior to use of club facilities.

2. Swim Team Only Membership shall be an individual membership allowed to a non-resident member of the Lake Sherwood Club swim team.  Does not include use of the clubhouse or tennis facilities. Includes use the pool facilities only. Subject to all Lake Sherwood Club rules and regulations.  Annual dues in the amount of $85.00 are due prior to start of swim team, and are separate from swim team fees.

C. Guest:   Any non-member invited by and accompanied by a member.  A guest fee of $5 per guest, whether swimming or not, is payable upon entering pool.

The Lake Sherwood Club Board of Directors reserves the right to alter or limit these definitions and their inclusions or exclusions at any time without prior notice.