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1. Events may only be scheduled and confirmed through the Rental Chairperson.

2. To reserve an event date, the renter must:

a. Complete the Rental Request Form as found in the Forms and Docs and section of this website or as provided by the Rental Chairperson.

b. Rental payment will be paid in full, checks are to be made payable to Lake Sherwood Club, Inc.

3. Payment for the event should be made as soon as possible. Rentals are not locked in until full payment is received, along with the signed Rental Agreement.   

4. The keys will not be available until the day of the function, as determined by the Rental Chairperson. Keys will not be given until the rental fee is paid in full.

5. The renter MUST be present throughout the entire event and is responsible for the proper utilization of the facilities, payment, cleanup and securing the building. Proper utilization includes following all rules and assuring that no illegal activity occurs during the rental period.

6. Rental of the facilities is on a “first come-first served” basis.  

7. Cancellation of an event must be made no later than 48 hours before the event.  Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of ½ of the rental fee.

8. The rental fee includes provision by Lake Sherwood Club of cleaning of the inside of the clubhouse and bathrooms.  However, all decorations and food must be removed from the building and disposed of properly by the renter.  In addition, all tables and chairs used by the renter must be returned to their original locations by the renter. Please see Renter Checklist for all renter responsibilities.

9. No nails, staples or tacks are allowed to be used on the walls, trim, or any surfaces in the clubhouse. Absolutely no holes of any kind may be put in any surfaces.  Removeable tape and art gum are the only type of hangers allowed for decorations.  No tape of any kind may be used on the floors.   Failure to comply with this rule may result in denial of future rentals.

10. Cleanup of the clubhouse outside is the responsibility of the renter.  This includes, but is not limited to, balloons on the mailbox and cups and trash dropped by guests in the grass or parking lots as they are leaving.  Outdoor trash cans are provided for your convenience.

11. Notify the Rental Chairperson if you will need outside lighting so as to make sure new bulbs are installed before the function.

12. Club equipment, tables and chairs are not to be taken off the premises. They are not available for off-premises loan.

13. The Club's pool, bathrooms and back rooms are not closed to members in the event that a function is being held in the main room during regular pool hours.  The back doors will be opened so that bathroom traffic will be routed away from the main room, but swimmers must be allowed access to the bathrooms through the back doors.  Lifeguards will be asked to limit access, but must be able to come into the kitchen if needed.  After pool hours, the Clubhouse will be available for large gatherings at the discretion of the Board.  

14. During normal operating hours, the pool will not be closed early to accommodate private functions.

15. All parties for children 21 and under must be chaperoned by an adult member at all times.  Chaperone to child ratio should be no less than 1:8.

16. All of the club premises are smoke free, both inside of the building and outside on the pool deck.

17. Rental of the clubhouse does not include use of the pool deck unless specific written arrangements are made in advance with the Rental Chairperson and the Pool Manager.    

18. Any functions scheduled to use the pool deck during non-pool hours MUST use Lake Sherwood Club lifeguards, even if there is no planned swimming.  NO EXCEPTIONS (for insurance reasons).    

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