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At set up:

1. Do not use nails, staples or tacks on the walls, trim, or any surfaces in the clubhouse. Absolutely no holes of any kind may be put in any surfaces.  Removable tape or art gum are the only type of hangers allowed for decorations.

2. No tape of any kind may be used on the floors.

3. Toilet paper, soap, hand towels and garbage can liners, located under the bar area sink, are provided by the Club.  Paper towels and any kitchen supplies are to be supplied by renter.

4. A fire extinguisher is in the kitchen by the stove and also in the party room.

5. Please leave the heating and air conditioning side settings on “Auto”.  You may adjust the temperature using the blue and red controls. Do not set A/C below 65, as system may freeze up and not work properly for your event.

At clean up:

6. Remove all decorations from inside and outside of clubhouse, including all tape and art gum used to hang decorations.

7. Remove all food from refrigerator and freezer.

8. Carry all garbage out to the dumpster. Replace garbage can liners.

9. Return all tables and chairs to the designated cabinets.

10. Return the heating and air conditioning temperature controls back to their original positions, leaving the side settings on “Auto”.  Instructions are on the front of the control panel.

11. Turn off all inside lights and ceiling fans.

12. Lock all doors and return keys to the lock box or Rental Chairperson according to prior arrangement.

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