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Rental Request and Rental Agreement Form

(this form is found in our download section for easier printing)

We are so happy you are considering renting our club! Please fill out the information below and return it to  Be as specific as possible so we can contact you with an accurate price. See also our Rental Facts sheet and our Rental Rules for more details, and view our detailed photos.

Name:_____________________________________ Phone #:________________Email:__________________

Are you a member of Lake Sherwood Club? ___yes ___no     Resident of Lake Sherwood Acres?  ___yes ___no

Organization Name (if any):___________________________________________________________________

Type of Event: _________________________________________Desired Date of Event:__________________

Desired Time and Length of Event:______________________________________________________________

Event size: ___0-25 people ___25-50 people ___50- 100 people___ over 100 people (requires Board approval)

Facilities needed: ___Clubhouse only

The following options are available only to members of Lake Sherwood Club:

___ Clubhouse and pool deck (requires lifeguard at extra fee, even if no planned swimmers)

___ Clubhouse and pool during open hours

___ Private pool party (only available during non-pool hours)

If pool is desired, number of swimmers expected? ___0-25 ___25-50___ more than 50  (see lifeguard rules)

******************************    Rental Agreement   ******************************

____I understand that the keys will not be available until 2 hours before the event start time or as agreed upon with the Rental Chairman.

____I agree that I will be present during this event and take responsibility for the stated and proper use of

the facilities. I have read and understand the LSC Rental Rules as found at

____I agree that all parties for children under age 21 will be chaperoned at all times with an adult chaperone to child ratio of no less than 1:8.

____I agree that all or a portion of my deposit may be withheld to cover any damages that may occur, and that the deposit will not be refunded until the keys are returned & the clubhouse is found to be in order.

____I agree to pay for any damages that occur to the premises that are beyond the amount of my deposit.

____I agree to leave the club in the condition set forth in the Renter Checklist portion of the rental agreement.

Signature of Renter: ___________________________________________________Date: _______________________

Signature of Rental Chairperson:_____________________________________________________________________

********************************          For office use only    ****************************

____rental booked   _____agreement signed  _____deposit received  _____rental fee received  _____damage assessment  ____deposit returned

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